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Main Street Buyers

27 West Main St
Vernon Rockville, CT 06066
860 896-7441

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I agree with John, they are way to rude plus almost everything you take in there they won't even take, they say its not worth anything.

1 Main Street Buyers
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Very rude guy working there. He asked how much I wanted for my guitar that I was selling and I said at least $100 and he said that I have to be kidding him cause it is not worth that much so I said how much is it worth then? He said about $80 so I ask again how much do you want for it? I said fine I would like $80 and he said who said I was offering you $80? I said excuse me but you just asked how much I wanted and I told you. How much are you offering me? He said $40 take it or leave it. I said your rude and don't know how to do customer service so I will go and I left. People there are rude and when you sell them something they give you wayyyyy too l

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