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Facet Cincinnati Pawnshop

1003 Lila Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45150

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5 Facet Cincinnati Pawnshop
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5 business


Facet pawnshop is great! I purchased my diamond wedding set there & it was half the price of a new one at the mall. They even offer a free warranty on all their jewelry! Facet is clean & professional!

1 Facet Cincinnati Pawnshop
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5 business


This Pawn Shop is mostly Jewelry and musical instruments, so if you are looking for either one of those things, it may be a good place to do business. If your looking for a REAL Pawn Shop, keep looking, this is not that type of place. Of the things they DO take, they are EXTREMELY. picky!

5 Facet Cincinnati Pawnshop
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5 business


Facet was one of the nicest and most professional pawnshops that I have seen in the Cincinnati area. Everything is great to me. -Eric

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