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Devon Pawn Shop Inc

2106 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60659


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Unless you are trying to get $20 for a chain, do not go to this pawn shop. Their website says they deal in fine art. When you show up, it's bullet proof glass and you have to slide things through a box. After going through alot of trouble to bring art to them, they said they need appraisels. They just told me 4 hours earlier that they need to look at it. I told them I didn't have appraisels yet. These people are not qulified to look at anything valuable. I should have known when she told me they only want Rolex's. She offered $400 dollars for $10,000 worth of watches. If it wasn't a rolex, she wasn't interested. She was condescending and arrogant. Was calling me a liar about my paintings, yet admitted she knew nothing about art. These people need to stick to what they know. Which is pawning jewelry for pocket change and stop pretending they are experts in anything. You can barely hear them because of the steel and bullet proof glass. There are no items displayed. She says it takes to long to sell anything other than a rolex, yet she has no display cases whatsover. Rolex? She just gave herself away. This place is a joke. It's a con. It's the ghetto type pawn shop trying to disguise itself as legitimate appraisers and lenders. T he funniest thin about it was that she said they do it to help people. You need 4 times the loan as colateral. They low ball the value(which makes it about 8 times the value), the charge 120 % interest. But there doing it to help. Right

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