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With the soaring popularity of classified ad and auction sites like Craigslist and Ebay, we sometimes forget that the local pawnshop is still a safe and convenient place to sell unwanted items and make a few bucks. It is generally true that selling directly means more money for you, leaving you to wonder - are pawnshops worth it? But, it is important to remember that auction sites take a good deal of time and they (and their digital payment partners) usually take a fee. And, if inviting strangers into your home is something you would prefer not to do, selling your items at the local pawnshop may be the best option for fast and safe transactions.

If it's been a while since you've visited your local pawn shop, you may be wondering, What can I sell at a pawn shop? Or, what items do pawnshops buy? We did a little research, and what we found is that, for the most part, the latest in tech gadgets, electronics and fine jewelry, gold and silver are the things in highest demand. In fact, scrap gold and silver and some of the best things to sell at a pawn shop. Dealers generally know the precise and most current price of precious metals and there is a much better chance of selling a broken chain or beat-up gold band to a dealer than directly to a consumer.

When it comes to tech gadgets, the things pawnshops want are the latest in phones, laptops and tablets. And, when they say the latest - they mean the latest. Several dealers told me that they won't even consider anything not released in the last 6 months because by the time they sell it, chances are it will be obsolete. So, what are good items to sell at a pawnshop? The latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy cell phones are always in demand. Apple and Dell computers fetch the best prices and there is often some wiggle room in terms of their ages. With so many ways to add or update the latest programs, apps and software, a solid, well-functioning laptop can still be very salable.

Gaming systems and the games themselves are hot items at pawnshops - especially around the holidays. PlayStations 3 and 4 are still retailing for a couple/few hundred dollars and affordable games are always a welcome find for avid players.

Gold, silver and fine jewelry will almost always be welcome items at your local pawnshop, but don't expect to get anywhere near what you paid retail. Unless you have a very unique estate, vintage or antique piece, your item will only be worth (literally) it's weight in gold.

If you've lived the simple life - without the latest gadgets or flashy jewelry, you may then wonder, what can I sell at a pawnshop?

Most pawnshops - especially in more rural areas - still have a high demand for power tools, firearms and basic electronics like flatscreen TVs and DVD/Blu Ray players. Pawnshops still like to deal in musical instruments, and vintage turntables and vinyl records still have a large and loyal following.

The best way to find out what pawnshops want to buy is to do a little homework beforehand. Internet search a pawnshop in your area and read the reviews or give them a call. Most pawnshops sell a little bit of everything, but some are very specialized. It is very useful to determine this first beforehand anyway, because a pawnshop, for example, that is known for its collection of musical equipment will generall pay more than a shop where there is little demand.

If you do a little research and take a little time, you can easily learn what local pawnshops want to buy and how much you can generally expect to get. And, if you have items that you're just not sure about, bring them in! It can't hurt and if you have an honest, knowledeable dealer, you will learn a thing or two about it. Good luck and Happy Pawnshopping!

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