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What Do Pawnshops Buy?

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Sometimes you may find yourself in need of quick cash and wondering what items to take to your local pawnshop for sale or as collateral for a loan. Although you can pawn almost any item of value, there are a few categories that are universally accepted and desired:

1. Jewelry and Diamonds - Old, unwanted and broken jewelry lying around is the first obvious choice for quick cash. Many pawnshops will give you cash outright for such items. Even items with sentimental value such as rings, watches, gemstones and diamonds are desirable by most pawn shops and will result in a fast cash offer. Anything in this category is among the best items to pawn.

2. Guns and Firearms - Pistols, hand guns, rifles and shotguns are popular items at many pawn shops. Call ahead or check our listings to make sure the shop you intend to visit accepts these items. For those that do, you might find that pawning or selling guns will get you a decent amount of cash.

3. Electronics - You can make out well with certain types of electronics, but you have to have newer items in excellent condition to get top dollar. Payouts decrease quickly with the age of the device. Pristine laptops, digital SLR cameras such as Nikon and Canon and the latest iPads are valuable.

4. Vehicles - Some shops will accept vehicles so if you have a relatively new vehicle in decent condition, this is an option for fast cash. Not all shops accept vehicles, so call ahead to confirm.

5. Power Tools - In good condition, power tools such as drills and circular saws are a good choice.

6. Musical Instruments - guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, mics and various instruments.

Now that we've mentioned some of the best items to pawn, what are some of the worst? DVDs and video games are usually a poor choice due to the sheer volume of used product on the market. Cell phones can be tricky because so many are stolen; pawn shops may be hesitant to accept these. As mentioned above, any electronics that are even slightly dated will not usually result in a great offer.

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