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Pawnshops Help Catch Criminals

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Police have credited pawn shops in a number of cases where they have aided in catching criminals responsible for a number of home break-ins.

Because most pawn shops keep detailed records of their transactions, they are able to provide helpful information to police in the rare instances when they purchase stolen goods.

In Providence, RI, WPRI reports that victims were able to recover some jewelry stolen in a burglary because law enforcement found the items in a pawnshop database. Furthermore, the suspects were apprehended based on additional information provided by the pawnshop.

In Kansas City, MO, WDAF-TV reported that police were able to reunite two stolen rings with their owner due to the help of a pawnshop. The owners praised the shop for going "over and beyond the call of duty."

Finally, Fox News reports on a pawnshop that purchased a stolen $250,000 violin for $50. Detectives were able to track down the violin and return it to its rightful owners.

Through cooperation with local police and the use of compulsory record keeping, pawn shops will continue to help apprehend criminals and reunite owners with their stolen goods.

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