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According to the vast majority of pawn shop owners, iPhones, Samsung cell phones and MacBook computers are the three most sought after electronics by their customers. The XBox 360 is another extremely popular item - often fetching near-retail prices - but pawn shops that buy cell phones cannot keep up with the demand for the latest iPhones or Samsung Galaxies. When it comes to pawn shop laptops, MacBooks reign supreme with the Dell XPS running a close second.

If you are looking to buy any one of these popular items from your local pawn shop, you may need to get in line, but selling or pawning one should be no problem. But, what if you wish to pawn an item that is not so popular? Or an item - like a VCR or tube television - that is now obsolete? The truth is, unless you find a pawn shop that specializes in these items - or one that is in an extremely low-tech, low-income community, chances are you are not going to fetch a brass farthing. Some later-model tube televisions in excellent shape may get you a few dollars, but you may be better off selling these items on Ebay or Craigslist. Interested buyers know better than to look for these obsolete electronics in pawn shops, and go instead to where collectors go.

Sometimes, when an item is old enough and in good enough shape, it enters into the "vintage" category where the value begins to rise. This is certainly the case with turntables and vinyl records. Many pawnshop owners report that even broken turntables are commanding a hefty sum and and some vinyl records in excellent condition are becoming nearly priceless.

So, when it comes to pawning old or outdated electronics, be sure to do a bit of research before you throw in the towel or throw the item to the curb. And, likewise, don't just assume that because your electronic devise is newer that it will be of value. Most newer laptops and gaming devices in excellent condition are of some value (especially to large families) but even many of the pawnshops that buy cell phones won't buy a unit that is even a year old. It's hard for everyone to keep up with what's hot and what is not, but doing your homework will ensure that you get the best value when pawning your electronic devices.

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sammie on 10/2/2014

I like shopping at the pawn shop .a lot of the times it's better than the big stores

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