City Pawn Shop

148 Calhoun St
Alexander City, AL 35010

256-329-8780 (p)

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From: CITY PAWN SHOP Rick on 1/21/2017
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Apparently owner of this store has another store also. Recently I was told to call his 2nd store-I was looking a hunting rifle. When I called the guy at this store he was , Very rude .. ! Didn't act like he could care less if he might make a sale , ....Yes he " had lots of good rifles.....but wouldn't take the time to look and tell me make , model , caliber approximate price range ......etc. TOTALLY , NO help at all and the final outcome was I was told I would just have to come look for myself . The OWNER at his main store had me interested in a rifle/scope Savage combo package and I planned to go back and BUY IT if his 2nd store didn't sound like