Ted's Pawn

4028 Forest Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212

513-631-1246 (p)

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From: TED'S PAWN Paul on 8/23/2012
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Worst time ever. I don't usually go to pawn stores, so I hope this wasn't normal. I own a bicycle store and walked in and asked him if he bought used bicycles to see if we could do some networking and he told me they don't buy used bicycles. I was in the process of asking him if people came in for that reason even if he didn't buy them so that I could get him to send them to me( my store is a block away from his ) and he got huffy and told me to "just hit the door" and get the hell out. From what I'm told by the other small business owners in the area he used to be a nice guy but has gotten worse over the years. Guess it's time to retire before it take