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From: QUICK CASH Tat2smiley on 12/4/2009
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Pawned my 42" plasma tv here a month ago and when I go get it today they said some one had picked it up two days after I pawned it when Im standing right there with the pawn ticket and my Id... This tv cost me 1000.00 dollars new when i bought it a year ago... I believe a employee stole my property two days after it was pawned... Im filing out a police report tomorrow on them hopefully I can get this back but i feel like im in a lose lose situation... Crazy when there saying you done picked it up..while there looking at there computer and I know damn well I didnt. Cause my TV is not at my house... So beware of this place you might pawn your stuff there and when you go to get it out it might not be there and they look at you stupid.. Anyone ever had this happen to them before..?