New Auburn Pawn

61 Mill St
Auburn, ME 04210

207-795-7983 (p)

NEW AUBURN PAWN 5 5 - 2 reviews

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From: NEW AUBURN PAWN Mike on 4/8/2012
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  this owner goes out of his way for you...i have bought several items from him over the years and his prices are the best i have found..and i look in a lot of pawn shops for items...i have nothing but good to say about him and i would give nothing but good reports to anyone who is looking for an honest man who owns a pawn shop...there are other shops around but no one can top this guy
5 business
From: NEW AUBURN PAWN Mrs. E on 7/25/2008
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  This guy is very nice. I have had to pawn the same thing several times and every time he gave me what I needed no questions asked. I felt very comfortable about leaving it there. If I couldn't pay him all I had to do was call and let him know when I would. He never took my item and sold it. I was and am very grateful