King's Jewelry & Loan Co

800 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005

213-383-5555 (p)

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From: KING'S JEWELRY & LOAN CO Mike Summers on 5/23/2016
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  (sorry, I used the wrong email the firsttime) I was visiting my girlfriend in Hollywood two weeks ago and my tranny seized. Had to buy one from the wrecking yard, but they didn't take debit. So my girlfiend told me about this cool pawnshop called Kings where she sold her old wedding ring. I went there to sell my Daytona and gold chain. The nice guy there realized I was sad for needing to sell my stuff. He suggested I get a loan so i could get my stuff back. I am back home now and noticed the intrest cost for the loan is less than my Visa bill. THe new tranny is great and I'm gonna get my stuff back when I stay with her family on fathers day. Alls good