Jones Pawn Shop

116 S Hudson St
Altus, OK 73521

580-482-3383 (p)

JONES PAWN SHOP 4 5 - 2 reviews

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From: JONES PAWN SHOP J. Jacks on 4/3/2015
Rating: 3 star rating
Comments:  I've dealt with the store owner and his family for 32 years. If theirs anyone out there that has a bad thing to say about them I've never heard it . He and his personal have always treated everyone fair . And if his shop didn't have what I need he told me where I might find it . I wouldn't be afraid to do a deal with him on a handshake . I also know he walks with our Lord .
5 business
From: JONES PAWN SHOP adrian on 5/10/2010
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  The loan shop was the only place in town that would help me at me at such hard times .Mr.Jones is a down to earth guy @ Employes are cool.U need to visit the shop u would see alot of cool stuff @ if u need a loan or want to sell this is the shop!