Godfather Pawn

8415 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32746

407-900-PAWN (p)

Godfather Pawn 4 5 - 3 reviews

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From: Godfather Pawn Mike on 9/17/2016
Rating: 3 star rating
Comments:  Godfather Pawn good prices,clean store, courteous friendly staff. Call me a glutton for punishment. I am normally a buyer not a seller. The problem I see with this pawn shop is that do not test and confirm that everything actually functions. My first loss with this company was a small 4 wheeler ATV a few years back I bought for Christmas for the grandkids. It lasted a week. Had it looked at was told engine was shot. Second loss was a set of monitors for my band. Powered them up....nothing. Opened them up no wiring in the cabinets. Third loss was a Northern Tool generator had a hole about the size of a nickle blowing all the oil outb Salesman said he ha
5 business
From: Godfather Pawn Javier on 6/26/2013
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  very friendly cheap loans
5 business
From: Godfather Pawn Mark D on 7/18/2012
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  Great Pawn Shop - best in Orlando by far!