Gem Pawnbrokers Corp

353 Dr Martin L King Jr Blvd
New York, NY 10027

212-665-9400 (p)

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5 business
From: GEM PAWNBROKERS CORP Jerry on 3/23/2011
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Called over the phone and the "customer service representative" was discourteous and refused to tell me how much they are loaning on gold per pennyweight. Said I have to come to a store. Said he did not care if i went somewhere else and refused to tell me. SO I did
5 business
From: GEM PAWNBROKERS CORP John K on 11/10/2008
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  I recommend Gem Pawnbrokers over anyone else. Super nice and helpful. The staff really know what they are doing. I will go back.