Frontier Pawn

6259 W Us Highway 160
Alamosa, CO 81101

719-589-5060 (p)

FRONTIER PAWN 1 5 - 10 reviews
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5 business
From: FRONTIER PAWN Matt on 11/15/2013
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Those place is a joke!!!! I went in to look at their gun selection. They wanted new prices for weapons that have been used!!!! No thanks!!!! Staff was rude, an old man appoarched me and asked "What do you want?" In a very condescending tone. I guess he was the owner. This business is clearly lacking in several areas and I believe that if it wasn't for the fact that they are the only pawnbroker in town, that they would be out of business. I will be doing my pawn business elsewhere, as I don't plan on darkening their door again. And thank god there is more then one gun shop in this town!!!!!
5 business
From: FRONTIER PAWN LC on 10/19/2013
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  If the rating could go lower I would enter minus 3, as long as it is in favor of Frontier Pawn your a good guy, but if you get over on them then it's a whole new ball game. At times Frontier Pawn looks more like the owners personal Museum. the Junk is for sale but the rest is just for him to look at everyday, the name should be Frontier mancave. The store is clean, and well orginazed. but not impressed with the staff. It's a bother to ask to see something in the case, and if you don't make a purchase in a short amount of time. then get the heck out of the store your wasting their time. I think another pawn shop in the area would open Fronter Pawns eye
5 business
From: FRONTIER PAWN Brad Snow on 6/13/2013
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Terrible experience. When you first walk in you are greeted with looks of disgust from the to people standing at the counter. It's a look that screams "What are you even doing in my store?" RUDE The owner is a jerk. Rude. Down right rude and idiotic. He does NOT know the value of what you bring into the store. CS is non existent. They do NOT care about you. They only care about ripping people off. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AT ALL COST.
5 business
From: FRONTIER PAWN john on 12/5/2012
Rating: 2 star rating
Comments:  as with almost all pawn shops, they are there to make money. off you and trust me frontier pawn didn't grow to the size it is by making great deals to the customers. most time you'll get pennies on the dollar. but try and buy something and it is full retail. personally i never found any of the staff at frontier pawn friendly, it was like buy something or get out. and i know i never have seen anyone smile.
5 business
From: FRONTIER PAWN Rocky on 6/15/2011
Rating: 3 star rating
Comments:  Doug, the proprietor, is a friendly, helpful older gentleman who will always try to assist you in purchasing that rifle, pistal, sword, chainsaw, or other item in a professional manner. They strive to be assistance, always, and will always be honest with you Check them out!!!!