Estate Diamond Exchange

5017 Kanan Road
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

818-865-8160 (p)


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From: ESTATE DIAMOND EXCHANGE Jeff on 6/25/2009
Rating: 4 star rating
Comments:  Superior staff, well trained with a gemologist on duty (who is the nicest guy in the store, honest). The person who actually decides to pay you or not is only there 50% of the time it seems, although sometimes the owner comes in (an older gentleman who is obviously the boss) & I've had better luck haggling with him on price than the reg. guy. They are honest and firm; they may tell you no on an item because what they would offer to pay would be an insult to you, but if they make an offer it's not very negotiable unless it is a high, high value item (and they are a diamond jewelery store in prob. the wealthiest city in California so that means 1-2k+). Overall, I appreciate their prompt & blunt service. Always happy 2 see you again & again.