E Z Pawn

2547 Nichol Ave
Anderson, IN 46011

765-649-2757 (p)

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5 business
From: E Z PAWN on 12/8/2012
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  VERY rude when I called to ask if they had a red wii for sale! She said she was too busy to walk over there and look for me, and that I would have to come in. I live 30 miles away, and after explaining this... she didn't care. Well you just lost a sale, and I will never go there... I will make sure to tell people of the terrible service as wel!
5 business
From: E Z PAWN Doug on 8/5/2012
Rating: 4 star rating
Comments:  Large store with HUGE variety of items. Seems they must be very flexible on what they will take in on pawn, you never know what you will find. Not all items are top shelf but to me that is good. Listed shelf prices are generally very high and although the people are friendly they are not always very flexible on those prices.