Chetco Trader

1039 Chetco Ave
Brookings, OR 97415

541-469-7669 (p)

CHETCO TRADER 2 5 - 7 reviews

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5 business
From: CHETCO TRADER Happy on 7/10/2016
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  Very good great prices vs other shops they will help out as much as they can have done lots of loans with them always fair
5 business
From: CHETCO TRADER Not important on 2/16/2016
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Would rate less if I could. Overpriced goods, undervalued loans contemptuous & neglectful. All I NEEDED was a small loan for less than a day. Not even asked by 1 of 4 viable bored staff. "Customer" @ counter, bs'ing about coin flipping vs apraising