Central Pawn Brokers Inc

4420 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012

602-230-8750 (p)


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5 business
From: CENTRAL PAWN BROKERS INC theuiche on 7/23/2011
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  I wish I could rate them a zero.There is no reason to be treated rudely when someone is obviously in need of funds, posibly hit a hard time in life or like me trying to get enough funds to care for a sick child a day before payday. They made me feel embaressed and like i was some trailer trash. If I ever need the services of a pawn shop again then I will take all my business to another pawn shop, as I did when I left there. Thumbs down for Central Pawn!
5 business
From: CENTRAL PAWN BROKERS INC robert c. on 4/3/2008
Rating: 4 star rating
Comments:  have used this company on many occasions. Always walk out satisfied ,their store on south central is the best of all.