Cash America Pawn

1909 W Howard St
Chicago, IL 60626

773-274-7296 (p)

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From: CASH AMERICA PAWN lyn on 10/7/2012
Rating: 2 star rating
Comments:  The prices of items for sale are on the decedent side, The prices of what you get for pawn are ok, if they know about the item. They know about computers or hand held devices. HOWEVER, they do not play around with your withdrawn date. It doesn't mater if its something super nice or a plain jane. If you want it you better get it the day before. I have has two things in pawn at diff, times and it was gone the next day, One thing was due on a Sunday, I got there at 4pm the next day it was gone. The other item I had was do to come out on a Tuesday, I was in the hospital, I call and was told they could not hold it for one day without payment. I could