Bob's Pawn

1016 S 12th St
Bismarck, ND 58504

701-223-4988 (p)

BOB'S PAWN 2 5 - 3 reviews

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5 business
From: BOB'S PAWN Lgl Ownr on 6/8/2009
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  Not a fan of this pawn shop. The clerk was extremely rude and uninterested in helping to find stolen property. For any criminals out's okay to bring your stolen property here...they prefer it.
5 business
From: BOB'S PAWN mad on 12/16/2008
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  i bought a playstation 3 from here he told me it was a 80 gig ps3 took it home it was only a 40 gig ps3 so now i cant even play playstation 2 games im out about a hundred bucks and even through it says it on the reciept he still wont do anything about it that is the worst customer service ever