Beach Pawn Shop

6952 N Atlantic Ave
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

321-783-5860 (p)

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From: BEACH PAWN SHOP Moody on 10/1/2009
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  I purchased a Notebook Pc from Beach Pawn in Cape Canaveral for $350.00. One week after I buying this hp dv6000 it stopped working.The owner told me I was out of luck so now I'm Out $350...Is that bs or what ?!?!?.. So I contacted the state and they said they are going to fine Beach Pawn...But I'm Still out!! The worst part is the owner of the pawn shop told me if I had any problems I would have a 30day store credit upon returning it. LIES,LIES,LIES. DON'T SHOP AT BEACH PAWN!! LETS TEACH THESE THEIVES A LESSON! Please pass this on, thanks Moody