Attleboro Pawnbrokers

29 Pleasant St
Attleboro, MA 02703

508-222-2888 (p)


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5 business
From: ATTLEBORO PAWNBROKERS Katie on 3/11/2013
Rating: 2 star rating
Comments:  I brought in two portable DVD players that were brand new and still in the box. He looked them up on line and told me that they were worthless. I then went to another broker who offered me $250.00 for both players. I do not recommend this shop as they do not know the quality of items being brought in.
5 business
From: ATTLEBORO PAWNBROKERS Tina on 12/5/2010
Rating: 1 star rating
Comments:  The man I dealt with offered me 450 total for a 3cttw bracelet, fine quality diamonds & an antique diamond ring. He told me it was worth nothing. Another pawn shop said the bracelet was beautiful, gold alone worth around 400, but I'd be best off at a jewelry store because the market for diamonds in pawn shops wasn't hight. I ultimately went to an Attleboro jeweler, who without haggle, offered 900. I get you make a profit, but rip off people in need? Never would I go to or recommend this store to anyone.