Associated Buyers

443 Ne Stephens St
Roseburg, OR 97470

541-673-0123 (p)

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5 business
From: ASSOCIATED BUYERS Kabloomer on 2/28/2013
Rating: 5 star rating
Comments:  I have had only good experiences with Associated Buyers and have gotten great deals from them. Of course they buy low and sell high, sometimes stuff is marked too high so I don't buy it, but usually they are willing to negotiate a fair deal. The owners and staff are always courteous and professional. I have observed this even when some customers are shall we say less-than-forthcoming in good behavior or language.
5 business
From: ASSOCIATED BUYERS trick on 2/11/2010
Rating: 2 star rating
Comments:  Not the place to expect a fair deal, either buying or selling. Expect 15% of value if they buy, expect 110% of retail it they sell. They will usually drop 15% off of the marked price if you badger them. If the item has been there 90 days they will maybe take 20% off. Guns are "buyer beware". They expect you to spot the WILL not be told about any issues with the weapon.